DSI extends investigation into duty-evading dealer of re-assembled cars

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DSI extends investigation into duty-evading dealer of re-assembled cars




With the policy guidelines laid down by the Ministry of Justice, the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) has been taking proactive steps against special crimes - with a focus on crime syndicates involved in the evasion of customs duty, which has hampered the nation’s efforts to collect revenues.

To this end, the DSI has uncovered a criminal act by the criminal group that smuggled used automobiles into the Kingdom and falsely registered them as locally re-assembled cars. Such practice has caused damage to consumers and affected the nation’s revenue collection. It also constitutes the offences of importing prohibited or restricted goods into the Kingdom without permission, forging or using forged documents, giving false statement to competent officials, as well as money laundering. In this light, the DSI has launched a full investigation into this case (classified as Special Case no. 91/2560) to identify and bring the offenders to justice. On 19 January 2017, Police Colonel Paisit Wongmuang, DSI Director-General, and Police Major Suriya Singhakamol, as Deputy Director-General overseeing special crimes, assigned Mr. Piyasiri Wattanavarangkul, Deputy Director of the Bureau of Special Crime 1, along with the investigative team of Special Case no. 91/2560, to serve search warrants issued by the Minburi Provincial Court (Warrants no. Kor 20/2560 and no. Kor 21/2560 dated 18 January 2017) on the following two target locations.

  1. JMW Motors Co., Ltd. (no. 370, Chalongkrung Road, Lumplatiew, Latkrabang, Bangkok). The company is located in the Latkrabang Industrial Estate and is registered to engage in the import and sales of used cars. The investigation indicates that this location is used by another import auto parts company linked to the offences under the Customs Act.

The search at this location reveals waybills and import documents for car parts of different types dating back to the year 2009 as well as computers storing the data about import and sales orders. The search team has also found twelve high-priced cars and Harley-Davidson motorcycles, into which a further investigation is under way.

  1. House no. 186/392, Soi Ramkhamhaeng 190/1, Ramkhamhaeng Road, Minburi, Minburi, Bangkok. The house belongs to Mana Somboonsap, the owner and managing director of the company.

The search further reveals passbooks of different banks, life insurance policies, computers and documents related to re-assembled cars.

The investigative team has seized the items as exhibit and will proceed to gather additional evidence to implicate the offenders.