DSI speeds up its Academy construction to develop personnel for investigation and inquiry at a national-level

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DSI speeds up its Academy construction to develop personnel for investigation and inquiry at a national-level



       The DSI is speeding up the construction of its academy, known as the DSI Academy, in Lam Phak Chi Subdistrict, Nong Chok District, Bangkok, as both a training center and a learning center for investigation and inquiry into major criminal cases at the national-level, for training tactical skills and expertise, enhancing academic knowledge, and training and building its personnel as instructors and mentors for next generations with its purpose to develop personnel for quality of investigation and inquiry at the national level.

       The DSI under the Ministry of Justice has its authority and duty to deal with certain types of criminal cases determined to be under the special case inquiry officials’ responsibility as prescribed in the Special Case Investigation Act, B.E.2547 (2004). Special case proceedings require personnel knowledgeable about laws, proficient in investigation and inquiry, technically skilled in working, and capable of responding to rapid changes of serious crime. At present, the commission of crime is not only dissimilar but more complex and hard to control. The methods of crime commission always develop continually in the manner of utilizing modern high quality technologies as tools and in connection with international networks. Besides, Sections 18 and 19 of the Special Case Investigation Act, B.E.2547 (2004) prescribed that, prior to performing their duties, all special case officers and special case inquiry officials must pass the special case inquiry courses organized by the DSI.



       The Director-General Pol.Lt.Col. Korrawat Panprapakorn revealed that the DSI is constructing the DSI Academy with its modernity at the national-level to meet international standards, resulting from its commitment in the development of investigation and inquiry system for efficiency and effectiveness and the enhancement of personnel for professionalism by providing modern technologies and innovations. The DSI Academy will be a quality agency for the DSI to develop its personnel for specialized proficiency, capable of handling criminal case investigation and inquiry as special cases in accordance with the intents of special case investigation laws. Thus, all personnel must be knowledgeable about all fields of the DSI and must pass theoretical and practical training courses on various fields of skills, proficiency and tactics. Besides, the DSI Academy can be used for organizing knowledge exchange activities, academic conferences or large-scale meetings, seminars of the DSI including research and development of courses for assuming positions, developing specialized expertise, enhancing investigation and inquiry knowledge and expertise, and training to create skilled trainers of the DSI to be lecturers and mentors. The DSI Academy’s construction is currently 85% completed with turfs at the front and 3-phase lightings. The project is estimated to be completed by August 2021.


Date May 29, 2021


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