Board of Special Case

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Board of Special Case

           The Board of Special Case referred to in abbreviation as the “BSC” is set up conforming to the Special Case Investigation Act B.E. 2547 (2004) for being the mechanics to stimulate the DSI’s work in the areas of prevention, suppression, and control of special cases to be most efficient as legislative intent. The act’s Section 5 provides that the BSC shall consist of the Prime Minister acting as Chairman; the Minister of Justice as Vice Chairman; the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Justice, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Finance, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Interior, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce, the Attorney-General, the Commissioner-General of the Royal Thai Police, the Secretary-General of the Office of the Council of State, the Judge Advocate General, the Governor of the Bank of Thailand, the President of the Law Society of Thailand, and 9 experts appointed by the Cabinet, among whom shall be persons having expertise and knowledge in each field of economics, banking and finance, information technology or law, acting as members. The DSI’s Director-General shall act as the BSC’s member and secretary and shall appoint no more than 2 officers of the DSI as the BSC’s assistant secretary.


Power and Duty

             The power and duties of the Board of Special Case (BSC) prescribed in Section 10 of the Special Case Investigation Act B.E. 2547 (2004) are:


(1) to advise the Cabinet regarding the issuance of the Ministerial Regulations to determine special cases according to Section 21, paragraph one (1);

(2) to determine details of offences under Section 21, paragraph one (1);

(3) to adopt resolutions regarding other criminal cases according to Section 21, paragraph one (2);

(4) to determine requirements or rules which are under the BSC’s power or duty;

(5) to monitor and assess results of compliance with this Act;

(6) to approve a special case investigation curriculum; and

(7) to perform other duties according to this Act or those designated by the law to be the BSC’s power and duty.

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