DSI received a complaint from victims lured to buy low price gold

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DSI received a complaint from victims lured to buy low price gold



       On Friday, April 5, 2021, at the DSI headquarters, Pol.Maj. Worranan Srilum (a special case expert and the deputy spokesperson of the DSI), assigned by the Director-General Pol.Lt.Col. Korrawat Panprapakorn, received a complaint letter from a group of victims lured by criminals via Facebook named “Baan-Aomtong By Wanpen” to buy gold sold at a price below its market value, about 10,000 baht cheaper for 15.16 grams of gold. For purchasing gold, buyers must transfer money first. Gold will be sent to buyers by mail within 30 days after sellers received orders and money. The public were lured by online advertisement posted by scammers. There are more than 500 victims nationwide who believed and transferred their money for gold payment. At first, some buyers actually received gold and resold it for profit. But after huge numbers of orders from dupes, the scammers did not deliver gold to buyers as advertised but terminated its communication channel and escaped from its victims. Accordingly, many victims reported to the inquiry official where the incident happened leading to inquiry and issuance of arrest warrants. The victims, therefore, requested the DSI to accelerate the proceeding of this case.




       The DSI wishes to alert people to be careful about investment or purchase of goods at a price significantly below its market price and the public should study the possibility of a business before joining investment of purchasing goods. Anyone who has information or clues about the said offences, or any questions, can contact the DSI via www.dsi.go.th or DSI hotline call 1202 (free call nationwide), and the DSI will keep the information of that informant confidentially.

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