DSI accepted a complaint against a rubber gloves manufacturer duping foreigners to buy its products with damage of 30 million baht

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DSI accepted a complaint against a rubber gloves manufacturer duping foreigners to buy its products with damage of 30 million baht



       On April 27, 2021, Pol.Lt.Col.Korrawat Panprapakorn, (the Director-General) assigned Pol.Maj.Worranan Srilum (a special case expert and a deputy spokesperson of the DSI) along with Pol.Capt.Piya Raksakul (the Director of Special Case Management Bureau) and Pol.Capt.Thad Loutavee (the Secretary) to receive a complaint from Mr.Pichet Sathirachawan (a member of the House of Representatives as the Chairman of the Sub-Committee on Guideline on Promotion of and Solution to the Problems of the Rubber Gloves Manufacturing Industry of Thailand of the House of Representatives) bringing the representative of the injured person to file a complaint against the P&M Enterprise Co., Ltd. allegedly defrauded in the procurement of non-packaged nitrile gloves with damage worth over 37 million baht.



       The complaint resulted from the Bao Yuan Thong Group Hong Kong Holding Co., Ltd. and the Montago Enterprises Hong Kong Co., Ltd., the injured persons saw the P&M Enterprise’s online global advertisement for selling non-packaged nitrile gloves on its website by claiming that its company was founded in 1978 and is recognized internationally for manufacturing the best rubber gloves, by citing its company as a trading partner with many foreign companies in various countries, and by stating senior executives in the government for building its credibility. The injured persons were interested and sent their representatives to visit the factory of the said company in Laem Chabang District, Chonburi Province and found the actual existence of the company. Therefore, believed the company, agreed to trade, and entered into the contract of purchase of the 200,000 of non-package of nitrile gloves on May 27, 2020, at the price of 186 baht per pack, totaling 37 million baht, and with the appointment to deliver the products on January 21, 2021. The injured persons already paid 29 million baht in advance, but did not receive the product on the delivery date. The injured persons contacted and pressed for the goods, but the company evaded many times causing the injured persons to realize that they have been defrauded. Therefore, on April 5, 2021, they permitted their authorized representative to report the case to the inquiry official of the Laem Chabang Provincial Police Station seeing this case as a national fraud exploiting the situation of the spread of coronavirus 2019 where wanted by foreign countries medical gloves from Thailand to scam foreigners, and as a case be within the power of the DSI, therefore, the injured person’s representative requested the DSI to take action on the matter.

       The deputy spokesman said that the matter would be handed over to the Special Case Management Bureau for considering and proposing its opinions to the Director-General before assigning it to the relevant bureaus for further action.


Dated April 27, 2021

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