DSI visited Tha Mai district, Chanthaburi province to inspect and seize more property related to Forex-3D case

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DSI visited Tha Mai district, Chanthaburi province to inspect and seize more property related to Forex-3D case


         On Friday 3 February 2023, Police Major Suriya Singhakamol, Acting Director-General of the Department of Special Investigation, assigned Police Captain Wisanu Chimtrakool, Deputy Director-General of the DSI to order Police Lieutenant Settawut Saipong, Head of Illegal Financial Business Division 3, Miss Nunnaput Keyurapun, Head of Illegal Financial Business Division 1 and Investigation Team for Special Case No.36/2563 to conduct joint operations with Special Case Operations Center Region 2 and Bureau of Special Operations. The Department of Special Investigation served a search warrant of Chanthaburi Provincial Court to search a house no.14/2, located on Srinavadit Road, Tha Mai Subdistrict, Tha Mai District, Chanthaburi Province.

       This is in response to the Special Case investigation no. 36/2563, conducted by Illegal Financial Business Bureau of Department of Special Investigation, into the offence of money laundering, in case of “persuasion to invest in foreign currency exchange trading (Forex) by offering the return at the rate of 60-80 percentage of the profits from trading Forex and 100% in capital protected funds. The persuasion was made via Facebook page “Forex-3D” and Facebook account “Apirak Krub(Mr. Apirak Kothi)”. The Special Case Investigation Team had seized property related to such offence. Later on, from further investigation, the Special Case Investigation Team found property of Miss Chanokwanan Kothi or Phakamon Sriloon, an ex-wife of Mr. Apirak Kothi, the alleged offender of the Special Case No. 60/2564, including a house and land with title deeds, located in the area of Tha Mai District, Chanthaburi Province, that left unseized. It is believed that the property was obtained during the incident of the Forex-3D case and that there are more proceeds of crime hidden in such place.
​​    As the result of the search, some items of property were found, as follows:

          1. A luxury house and land with title deeds no. 36964 and no. 49745 for the total area of 2 Rai, 111.2 square wa

        2. A Toyota sedan with its registration plate: 5 GorKor 843 Bangkok

        3. Some items of clothes, shoes, brand name bags:

             - 29 items of brand name bags

             - 4 items of brand name earrings

             - 4 items of brand name brooches

             - 12 items of brand name eyeglasses

             - 21 items of brand name clothes

             - 13 items of brand name shoes

           Total: 83 items with its value not less than 5 million baht

        4. Foreign currencies

              - Hong Kong banknotes (Hong Kong Dollar): 7 one-thousand-dollar bills, 10 five-hundred-dollar bills, 5 one-hundred-dollar bills, 1 fifty-dollar bills and 13 twenty-dollar bills

              - Republic of Korea banknotes (Korean Won): 2 one-thousand-won bills

              - United Arab Emirates banknotes (United Arab Emirates Dirhams): 2 one-hundred-dirham bills, 2 fifty-dirham bills

             - Malaysian banknotes (Malaysian Ringgit): 1 ten-ringgit bills

               - Chinese banknotes (Chinese Yuan): 1 ten-yuan bills

             - Laos banknotes (Lao Kip): 1 twenty-thousand-kip bills

             Approximately amounting to 57,219.10 Thai Baht

         The Special Case Investigation Team also found the document related to the property and finance. The property seized from the search was valued at more than 20 million baht in total. Therefore, such property was seized for further legal inspection and the Special Case Investigation Team is working on the process of another accomplices’ property seizure.

         The Department of Special Investigation would like to express gratitude to people who help report related clues. If there is information or clues related to the case or other offences, please report the information/clues to the DSI via its website or contact special case officers at the DSI Illegal Financial Business Bureau, Tel. 0 2142 2831 or Hotline Tel. 1202, toll-free countrywide.