DSI informed people to access its “Rootan App” via App Store and Play Store

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DSI informed people to access its “Rootan App” via App Store and Play Store



       The Bureau of Technology and Cyber Crime of the DSI by its Cyber Investigation Center warned the public of deception by a gang of fraudsters, during November and December 2020, impersonating the bank, and sending SMS to people to trick them into submitting their personal data and applying for a mobile banking application of the phishing website created by the gang having name and webpage similar to the real internet banking of the bank. After the victims fooled to enter their usernames, passwords and one time passwords (OTP), the gang immediately withdrew money from that accounts. Due to numerous victims, the DSI cautions people to absolutely avoid to access the link of phishing website sending by the gang with SMS claiming to be sent by the bank. If you have doubt, you should directly check with the bank of such account.

       If you encounter such crime, you can report it via Rootan application of the Cyber Crime Investigation Center. You can download the application from the Apps Store and Play Store.

The steps for downloading the “Rootan” application is in the link at http://rootan.dsi.go.th/download

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