DSI held a meeting to discuss and receive inputs on the development of smart crime mapping system, in collaboration with financial institutions

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               On September 8, 2023, Police Major Suriya Singhakamol, Director General of the Department of Special Investigation (DSI), assigned Police Captain Piya Raksakul, Deputy Director General, to preside over the opening of the meeting. Also present at the meeting were Mr. Pipat Penpak, Director of Bureau of Technology and Information Inspection Center, Police Major Worranan Srilum, Director of Bureau of Illegal Financial Business, Mrs. Kanoklada Charoensiri, an expert in financial and banking crime, along with officers from Inspection Division 2 from the Bureau of Technology and Information Inspection Center. This meeting focused on discussing the development of a smart crime mapping system, DSI CRIME MAP, to enhance the investigation capabilities of the DSI in collaboration with financial institutions. Additionally, the meeting discussed how to integrate information with 10 financial institutions to maintain data security according to international standards. This initiative aims to create a centralized system for managing, tracking, and analyzing information to effectively prevent and combat crime.

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